Madhes Movement Memorial Day in Nepal in 2022

Madhes Movement Memorial Day in Nepal in 2022
Sunrise in Nepal Image via Pixabay

  How long until Madhes Movement Memorial Day?
There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Madhes Movement Memorial Day in Nepal
2021 Madhesh Pradesh Mon, Jan 18 Regional Holiday

Marks the martyrdom of a student in 2007 that began the Madhes Movement.

Madhes Movement Memorial Day

Since the formation of the provincial government in early 2018, the government of Province 2 has been celebrating the day with several functions. 

A student named Ramesh Mahato was killed in a police firing in Lahan of Siraha on January 19th 2007 (Magh 5, 2063 as per the Nepali calendar).

Mahato's martyrdom was the catalyst for the movement. As many as 103 people have lost their lives in the Madesh uprisings held in the years since.

Madhes Movement is a political movement launched by various political parties, especially those based in Madhes, for equal rights, dignity and identity of Madhesis and Tharus, Muslims and Janjati groups in Nepal. 

The Madheshi are people of Indian ancestry residing in the Terai region of Nepal and comprises various cultural groups such as Hindu caste groups, Muslims, Marwaris and indigenous people of the Terai.

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