Tamu Lhosar in India in 2022

Tamu Lhosar in India in 2022
Sunrise in Nepal Image via Pixabay

  How long until Tamu Lhosar?
Tamu Lhosar
  Dates of Tamu Lhosar in India
2022 Sikkim Fri, Dec 30 Regional Holiday
2021 Sikkim Thu, Dec 30 Regional Holiday
2020 Sikkim Wed, Dec 30 Regional Holiday

The festival of Tamu Lhosar is marked as the New Year by the Gurung people to celebrate their unique cultural and traditional values.

Tamu Lhosar is the main festival of the Gurung community.    

It marks the beginning of the Gurung New Year which falls on the 15th day of Pusa, according to Vikram Sambat and is observed on December 30th in the western calendar.

The festival is celebrated with the family and community as a whole.

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