Birsa Munda Birth Anniversary in Madhya Pradesh in 2023

Birsa Munda Birth Anniversary in Madhya Pradesh in 2023
Birsa Munda, a popular tribal freedom fighter in surajkund public craft fair. Image via 123RF

  How long until Birsa Munda Birth Anniversary?
Birsa Munda Birth Anniversary
  Dates of Birsa Munda Birth Anniversary in Madhya Pradesh
2024 Fri, Nov 15Regional Holiday
2023 Wed, Nov 15Regional Holiday
2022 Tue, Nov 15Regional Holiday
2021 Mon, Nov 15Regional Holiday

Birsa Munda was a tribal freedom fighter from Jharkhand and is highly revered among tribals.

About Birsa Munda Birth Anniversary

The General Administration Department (GAD) of the Madhya Pradesh State government has announced a gazetted holiday on the birth anniversary of tribal leader Birsa Munda on November 15th.

According to the order issued by GAD deputy secretary DK Nagendra, a restricted holiday was declared on the birth anniversary of Birsa Munda in 2020. This holiday has now been converted into a gazetted holiday from 2021 onwards.

Birsa Munda was born on 15 November 1875, in the Lohardaga district of Bengal Presidency — now in Khunti district of Jharkhand. He became an Indian tribal freedom fighter, religious leader, and folk hero. He spearheaded a tribal religious millenarian movement that arose in the Bengal Presidency (now Jharkhand) in the late 19th century, during the British Raj, thereby making him an important figure in the history of the Indian independence movement. 

His portrait hangs in the Indian Parliament Museum; he is the only tribal leader to have been so honored.

Given that Birsa Munda is highly revered among tribals in Madhya Pradesh. political analysts believe that this move has been taken by the current dispensation to appease tribal voters that constitute over 21% of the total population. Assembly elections are due in Madhya Pradesh in 2023.

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