Chung Yeung Festival in 2019

Hong Kong Macau Public holiday in Hong Kong and Macau.
 China Taiwan Traditional holiday, but not a public holiday in China and Taiwan

Chung Yeung is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month.

When is Chung Yeung?

How long until Chung Yeung Festival ?
This holiday next takes place in 195 Days.
Dates of Chung Yeung Festival
Year Weekday Date
2020 Sunday October 25th
2019 Monday October 7th
2018 Wednesday October 17th
2017 Saturday October 28th
2016 Monday October 10th
1 Day
The festival, otherwise known as Autumn Remembrance, has been celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth moon for millennia

On this day, your colleagues in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan celebrate the Chung Yeung Festival.

The festival of Chung Yeung, otherwise known as as the Double-Ninth, the Festival of High Places or Autumn Remembrance, has been celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month for millennia.

In Hong Kong this day is a public holiday. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be a holiday.

It is also a public holiday in Macau and is more commonly known as Chong Yeung. If Chong Yeung falls on a weekend, it may be observed as a public holiday on the following Monday but only for the public sector.

Traditions of Chung Yeung

The festival of Chung Yeung commemorates a legend from the Han Dynasty (BC 202- AD 220) that states that a soothsayer advised the Woon King to take his family to high place for the entirety of ninth day of the ninth moon.

When the King and his family returned home, they found all the townspeople who hadn't gone to a high place had died.

It is now considered good luck to travel to a high place on the ninth day of the ninth moon, the Chung Yeung Festival.

A traditional custom on this day is to fly kites, as it is said that kites can carry bad luck up into the sky.

As the festival falls in the middle of Autumn, its timing coincides with chrysanthemums being in full bloom and the flower has become an essential part of the celebrations for this festival.

Chung Yeung cake is a kind of steamed cake made from rice flour and sugar with two layers separated by nuts jujube. It is often decorated with Chinese dates, chestnuts, almonds and dried chrysanthemums. The delicacy symbolises personal progress or achieving greater heights in life.

Apart from being a colourful decoration or finding its way into cakes, Chrysanthemum wine is also a key part of the festival. Chrysanthemum is regarded as antitoxin and can drive evil away. People believe that by drinking chrysanthemum wine, diseases and disasters can be cured and prevented.


As nine is pronounced 'jiu' meaning long in Chinese, the festival has gained an auspicious link to longevity. While this day is not a public holiday in mainland China, in 1989, the Chinese government declared the festival "Seniors' Day" to promote love and respect for the elderly.

Hong Kong

The people of Hong Kong now use this holiday as a day to journey to family graves to perform cleansing rites and pay their respects.

Many families keep alive the tradition of going to a high place on Chung Yeung by going hiking and having a picnic in the hills of Hong Kong. Chung Yeung often falls just as the summer heat is receding, making hiking a more pleasant experience.

The government holds a ceremony at the City Hall Memorial Garden to commemorate those who died defending Hong Kong during World War II.

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