Constitution Day

Uruguay Observed in Uruguay

Boceto para la Jura de la Constitución de 1830, de Juan Manuel Blanes
Boceto para la Jura de la Constitución de 1830 by Juan Manuel Blanes

When is Constitution Day?

Year Day Date
2018 Wednesday July 18th
2017 Tuesday July 18th
2016 Monday July 18th
2015 Saturday July 18th
2014 Friday July 18th

Constitution Day is a national holiday in Uruguay and is always celebrated on 18 July.

Officially known as 'Jura de la Constitución de la República Oriental del Uruguay', it commemorates the adoption of the first constitution in 1830.

History of Constitution Day

Brazil had gained its independence from Portugal in 1822. The region now known as Uruguay lay on the Eastern bank of the River Plate, and had passed through English, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian control in a short period at the start of the nineteenth century.

In August 1825, Uruguay declared its independence from Brazil, instigating the Argentina- Brazil War. The conflict lasted until August 1828, when a British negotiated a resolution to the war that led to Brazil recognising Uruguay's independence.

The constitution for the nation was drawn up by the General Constituent and Legislative Assembly of the State , the predecessor of the Uruguayan Parliament. Influenced by the French and American revolutions, it divided the government among the executive, legislative, and judicial powers. It established a republican unitary state; the official religion was Roman Catholic. It was promulgated on 18 July 1830.

The first constitution lasted until 1918 and has had many subsequent revisions.

In Montevideo, the Avenida 18 de Julio celebrates the founding moment of the Uruguayan constitution.

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