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Upcoming Public Holidays

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Sat : Georgia Independence Day

  • On 26 May 1918, the National Council of Georgia declared independence from the Russian Empire and the creation of Democratic Republic of Georgia

Sat : India Birthday of Kazi Nazrul Islam

Mon : Armenia Day of the First Republic

Mon : Australia Reconciliation Day

Mon : Azerbaijan Republic Day

Mon : Ethiopia Downfall of the Derg

Mon : Isle of Man Late May Bank Holiday

Mon : Turks and Caicos Islands National Heroes Day

Mon : UK Spring Bank Holiday

Mon : USA Memorial Day

Mon : Various Orthodox Pentecost Monday

Tue : Indonesia Waisak Day

Tue : Malaysia Wesak Day

Tue : Nigeria Democracy Day

Tue : Singapore Vesak Day

Tue : Sri Lanka Adi-Poson Full Moon Poya

Tue : Thailand Visakha Bucha Day

Wed : Anguilla Anguilla Day

  • On 30 May 1967, the people of Anguilla began a revolution that led to independence from the associated statehood of St. Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla

Wed : India Janmotsav of Sri Sri Madhav Dev

Wed : Malaysia Harvest Festival

Wed : Spain Canary Islands

Wed : Trinidad and Tobago Indian Arrival Day

Thu : Brunei Royal Brunei Armed Forces Day

Thu : Malaysia Harvest Festival

Thu : Spain Castilla-La Mancha

Thu : Various Corpus Christi

Fri : Bahamas Labor Day

Fri : Indonesia Pancasila Day

Fri : Kenya Madaraka Day

Fri : Malaysia Gawai Dayak

NOTE: The above is a list of the next 30 public holidays. Visit our mobile page for a full list of public holidays in 2018 .

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