Enthronement in 2022

When is Enthronement?


When is Enthronement?

Enthronement is a national holiday in Morocco on July 30th each year.

Also known as Throne Day, this day marks the King's accession to the throne on this day in 1999.

History of Enthronement

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, son of the late King H.M. Hassan II, was born on August 21st 1963, in Rabat.

Following the death of his father on July 23rd 1999, King Mohammed VI officially took the throne in accordance with Article 20 of the kingdom’s Constitution on Friday July 30th 1999.

This date then became Throne Day to be celebrated with a public holiday each year.

The Enthronement took place in the Throne Room of the Royal Palace in Rabat. After the ceremony, the new king solemnly performed the Friday prayer and pronounced His first Speech of the Throne.

King Mohammed VI is the 23rd king of the Alaouite Dynasty, which has ruled Morocco since 1631.

Although Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament, the King still maintains holds extensive executive and legislative powers. Used rarely, the king has the power to issue decrees called dahirs, which have the force of law.

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