Shrove Tuesday

Christian Festival Day before Lent in the Western Christian Church

Making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is a popular custom in the UK

When is Shrove Tuesday?

Dates of Pancake Tuesday?
Year Day Date
2019 Tuesday March 5th
2018 Tuesday February 13th
2017 Tuesday February 28th
2016 Tuesday February 9th
2015 Tuesday February 17th
Who observes Mardi Gras?
Public holidays in Panama in 2018 Panama

Also known as Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras and Pancake Tuesday, the Tuesday before lent is the last chance to feast for 40 days.

Shrove Tuesday gets it's name from the practice of 'shriving', an older term for the practice of confession. Before the onset of Lent, Christians would confess and receive forgiveness from sins so that they could enter Lent guilt-free.

This evening would be an opportunity for families to eat certain foods that would be banned during Lent, such as Meat, Eggs, Flour, Milk and fatty foods.

Ticking many of the boxes for these foods in its ingredients, Pancakes became popular in England as way of using up such items that remained in pantries.


During the 40 days before Easter, Roman Catholics are supposed to abstain from all bodily pleasures, including the consumption of meat. This is intended to remember the fasting of Jesus, who spent 40 days in the desert before beginning his ministry.

The Orthodox Christian church has no tradition of ashes and Lent begins on Orthodox Shrove Monday.

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