Belarus announces public holidays for 2016

2016 Public Holiday list announced by the Council of Ministers

Belarus, 26 November 2015

The Council of Ministers of Belarus has approved the timetable for the transfer of working days in 2016. The timetable was issued as decision No. 976 by the Counil of Ministers on 23 November 2015.

To create a four day break for Orthodox Christmas, Friday, 8 January will be a holiday with Saturday 16 January becoming a working day to compensate.

As Women's Day falls on Tuesday 8 March, Monday 7 March will become a public holiday and will be compensated by Saturday 6 March becoming a working day.

This transfer of working days is in accordance with the public holiday law in Belarus..

Upcoming public holidays in Belarus

Date Name
07 November 2015 October Revolution Day
25 December 2015 Christmas Day (Catholic)
01 January 2016 New Years Day
07 January 2016 Orthodox Christmas Day
08 January 2016 Orthodox Christmas Holiday
07 March 2016 Women's Day Holiday
08 March 2016 Women's Day
15 March 2016 Constitution Day
27 March 2016 Easter Day (Catholic)
01 May 2016 Orthodox Easter Day

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