Dominican Republic announces public holidays for 2016

2016 Public Holiday list announced by the Ministry of Labour

Dominican Republic, 12 November 2015

The Ministry of Labour, in accordance with Law 139-97, which determines public holidays in the Dominican Republic, has announced the dates of non-working days for 2016.

Due to the days of the week on which the holiday dates occur in 2016, five holidays will fall on a Saturday or Sunday, with only one being observed on the following Monday.

The Ministry informs that the New Year holiday will be on Friday 1 January; whereas the Three Kings Day will be moved from Wednesday 6 January to Monday 4 January. This change will create a four day break at the start of the year.

Our Lady of Altagracia will be observed on 21 January as usual, though the holiday to commemorate the birth of Juan Pablo Duarte, Father of the Nation will be moved from 26 January to Monday 25 January to create a long weekend.

Even though 27 February is a Saturday, Independence Day will remain on this day and not be moved.

Labor Day is normally celebrated on 1 May. In 2016, this is a Sunday and the Labor Day holiday will instead be observed on Monday 2 May.

The Ministry of Labor announces that Corpus Christi, will be observed on Thursday 26 May. The last holiday to fall on a working day in 2016 will be Restoration Day on 16 August.

Our Lady of Mercedes Day will be observed on Saturday 24 September and Constitution Day falls on Sunday 6 November.

Finally, the note clarifies that Christmas day will be observed on Sunday 25 December.

Upcoming public holidays in Dominican Republic

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