Argentina will have 17 public holidays and 9 long weekends in 2016

2016 Public Holiday list announced by the Ministry of the Interior

Argentina, 31 October 2015

The Argentine Ministry of the Interior has announced the schedule of public holidays for 2016.

In total there will be 15 holidays and two bridge days, making a total of 17 days non-working days with Argentinians being able to enjoy nine long weekends and three 4 day breaks.

The first of the four day breaks is Carnival, which Ise scheduled for 8 and 9 February, falling on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

In March, another longer break will be repeated with Memorial Day falling on Thursday 24 March, and the 25 March being Good Friday.

The last four day break of the year will be in December when a bridge day on Friday 9 December will follow the Day of the Virgin on Thursday 8 December 8.

The rest are transferable holidays, that will make three day weekends. 17 August, which will be brought forward to 15 Monday; 12 October, is moved to 10 October and November 20, which will be observed on 28 November. The other holiday bridge will be Friday July 8 as the anniversary of 9 July falls on a Saturday.

Upcoming public holidays in Argentina

Date Name
27 November 2015 Day of National Sovereignty
07 December 2015 Bridge Public Holiday
08 December 2015 Immaculate Conception Day
25 December 2015 Christmas Day
01 January 2016 New Years Day
08 February 2016 Carnival Monday
09 February 2016 Carnival Tuesday
24 March 2016 Truth and Justice Memorial Day
24 March 2016 Maundy Thursday
25 March 2016 Good Friday

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