Centenary of Czechoslovakia in 2018

Slovakia One-off National Holiday in Slovakia

2018 is the centenary of the establishment of Czechoslovakia.

When is Centenary of Czechoslovakia?

Date of Czechoslovakia Centenary
Year Weekday Date
2018 Tuesday
1 Day
Marks the 100-year of the establishment of the first Czechoslovak Republic.
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Foundation of the Czechoslovak State

On 30 September 2018, Slovakia will observe a national holiday to mark the 100-year anniversary of the establishment of the first Czechoslovak Republic.

History of the Centenary of Czechoslovakia

On 30 October 1918 the representatives of the Slovak nation adopted a declaration in Martin, known as the Declaration of the Slovak Nation, claiming independence from the Hungarian Kingdom (within the Austro-Hungarian Empire) and declared a union with the Czech lands as part of the new state, Czechoslovakia.

The Martin declaration came two days after the declaration of Czechoslovak independence by the Czech National Committee in Prague.

This difference in dates is why the Czech Republic observe the foundation of the Czechoslovak State with a public holiday each year on 28th September.

On 1 January 1993, Czechoslovakia peacefully split into the two sovereign states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In September 2018, the Slovak Parliament approved the proposal to declare October 30 a national holiday to mark this centenary. The bill, adopted as an amendment to the Act on State Holidays, was approved by the MP’s of the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee and adopted by all 96 MP’s present, reported the TASR newswire agency.

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