Discovery Day in Yukon 2019

National and public holidays in Yukon, Canada Regional Holiday in Yukon, Canada

Yukon celebrates Discovery Day on the third Monday in August.

When is Discovery Day?

How long until Discovery Day?
This holiday next takes place in 88 Days.
Dates of Discovery Day
Year Weekday Date
2020 Monday
2019 Monday
2018 Monday
2017 Monday
2016 Monday
Yukon only. Also known as Klondike Gold Discovery Day. Replaces the Civic Holiday observed on the 1st Monday of August in other areas of Canada
Related holiday
Civic Day

Discovery Day is a provincial holiday celebrated on the third Monday in August in the Yukon.

It is also known as Klondike Gold Discovery Day.

Discovery Day replaces the Civic Holiday observed on the first Monday of August in other areas of Canada.

History of Discovery Day

George Washington Carmack discovered gold at Bonanza Creek, Yukon, on 17 August 1896. When news of the discovery reached cities such as San Francisco and Seattle in the summer of 1897, it triggered the famous 'gold rush'.

Hoping to find riches and their financial security, over 100,000 men tried to reach the Klondike goldfields, though only 40,000 of those actually made it. With very few of the prospectors having mining experience, the gold rush proved a fruitless endeavour for the majority. The enthusiasm for the Klondike gold rush lasted until 1899, when disillusionment with the reality of the gold rush and discoveries of gold elsewhere reduced the attraction to go the Yukon.

The gold rush may have been short-lived, but the legacy on the population and cultural heritage of Yukon was significant. As a result, Yukon's Territorial Council declared Discovery Day as a public holiday in 1911.

Though there will be regional variations, typically banks and government offices will be closed on Civic Day and public transport may run on a reduced schedule.

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