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What is St. George's Day?

St. George's Day is England's National Day, though it is not a national holiday. It is celebrated annually on 23 April, as this is the generally accepted date of St. George's death.

11 Facts about St. George's Day

A fifth-century myth tells of George recovering three times after being killed, including once when he was chopped into many pieces and buried

In 494, Pope Gelasius said he was among the saints “whose names are justly reverenced among men but whose actions are known only to God”

The first account of George killing a dragon came from 11th century Cappadocia, in modern-day Turkey

St George is the patron saint of England, Georgia, Malta, Ethiopia, Bulgaria, Portugal and Slovenia

St George is the patron saint of sufferers from plague, skin diseases, leprosy, syphilis and herpes

Due to doubts about his history, Pope Paul VI demoted Saint George to 'optional worship' in 1969. Pope John-Paul II reinstated him in 2000

Even though St. George has been the patron saint of England since the 14th century, only one in five people in England know that St. George’s Day falls on 23 April

In 1415 St George's Day became a national feast day and holiday in England. But after the union with Scotland in the 18th century it ceased as a national holiday.

St. George is the patron saint of farmers, butchers, horses, horse-riders and saddle-makers, and soldiers

St. George became the patron saint of England in 1350, when King Edward III formed the Order of the Garter in St George's name. The badge of the order depicts George slaying a dragon

In the UK, the George Cross is the highest medal that a civilian can earn and is awarded for extraordinary bravery and courage in the face of extreme danger


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