Bank Holidays in United Kingdom in 2020

United Kingdom List of national and regional Bank holidays of United Kingdom in 2020

Day Date Holiday Comments
Wednesday New Year's Day First Monday if 1st is Saturday or Sunday
Thursday Day after New Years Day Scotland Only
Tuesday Pancake Tuesday Shrove Tuesday. Not a Public Holiday
Sunday St. David's Day Wales Only. Not a public holiday
Tuesday St. Patrick's Day Northern Ireland Only
Sunday Mothering Sunday Not a National Holiday
Friday Good Friday Friday before Easter Sunday
Monday Easter Monday Except Scotland
Thursday St Georges Day England Only. Not a public holiday
Monday Early May Bank Holiday First Monday in May
Monday Spring Bank Holiday Last Monday in May
Sunday Father's Day 3rd Sunday in June. Not a public holiday
Monday Battle of the Boyne (observed) Northern Ireland Only
Monday August Bank Holiday Scotland Only. First Monday in August
Monday August Bank Holiday Last Monday in August (except Scotland)
Thursday Guy Fawkes Night England Only. Not a public holiday
Sunday Remembrance Sunday Not a public holiday. Sunday closest to 11 November
Monday St Andrews Day (observed) Scotland Only. If November 30 falls on a weekend, the next Monday is a bank holiday instead
Friday Christmas Day
Monday Boxing Day (in lieu)


National Holiday Regional Holiday Not a Public Holiday


  • Within the United Kingdom, there is no legal definition of what constitutes a public holiday in and it is debatable whether public holidays technically exist in Scotland. The term public holiday is often confused with bank holidays.
  • In England and Wales a bank holiday tends automatically to be a public holiday and the day is generally observed as a holiday. In Scotland this may not always the case.

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