Public Holidays in South Korea in 2017

South Korea List of National Public holidays of South Korea in 2017

Day Date Holiday Comments
Sunday January 01 New Years Day
Friday January 27 Korean New Year Holiday
Saturday January 28 Korean New Year Usually in early February; three-day consecutive holidays
Sunday January 29 Korean New Year Holiday Usually in early February; three-day consecutive holidays
Monday January 30 Korean New Year Holiday Usually in early February; three-day consecutive holidays
Wednesday March 01 March 1st Movement Independence Day
Monday May 01 Labour Day Not an official holiday but widely observed
Wednesday May 03 Buddhas Birthday 8th day of 4th lunar month
Friday May 05 Childrens Day
Tuesday May 09 Presidential Election Day
Tuesday June 06 Memorial Day
Monday July 17 Constitution Day Celebrates the declaration of the Constitution in 1948
Tuesday August 15 Liberation Day
Monday October 02 Harvest Festival Holiday Extra temporary holiday for public sector
Tuesday October 03 National Foundation Day Commemorates the traditional founding of Korea by Tangun in 2333 BC
Wednesday October 04 Harvest Festival Chuseok
Thursday October 05 Harvest Festival Holiday Day after Chuseok
Friday October 06 Harvest Festival Holiday Substitute day for Chuseok
Monday October 09 Hangeul Day Korean alphabet day
Monday December 25 Christmas Day


National Holiday Not a Public Holiday Government/Public Sector


  • Public holidays in South Korea are commonly known as 'Red Days' as this is how they are usually coloured in printed calendars.
  • Until the middle of 2014, Holidays are observed on their calendar date. If the date of a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the holiday will not be moved to a weekday.
  • The Korean government has announced that from the second half of 2014 onwards, if the date of Seollal, Chuseok, or Children's Day falls on Sunday, then the holiday will be extended to Monday.

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