Public Holidays in Panama in 2015

Panama List of National Public holidays of Panama in 2015

Day Date Holiday Comments
Thursday January 01 New Years Day
Friday January 09 Martyrs' Day
Monday February 16 Carnival Celebrated Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday
Tuesday February 17 Mardi Gras Celebrated on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday
Wednesday February 18 Ash Wednesday
Friday April 03 Holy Friday Friday before Easter Sunday
Friday May 01 Labour Day International observances began with the Haymarket Riot in Chicago
Tuesday November 03 Separation Day
Wednesday November 04 Flag Day
Thursday November 05 Colon Day
Tuesday November 10 Los Santos Uprising Day
Saturday November 28 Independence Day
Tuesday December 08 Mothers' Day Celebrated on 8 December
Friday December 25 Christmas Day


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