Macedonian Revolution Day

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When is Revolution Day?

How long until Revolution Day?
This holiday next takes place in 139 Days.
Dates of Revolution Day Holiday
Year Weekday Date
2020 Monday October 12th
2020 Sunday October 11th
2019 Friday October 11th
2018 Thursday October 11th
2017 Wednesday October 11th
1 Day
Local Name
Den na vostanieto
Beginning of Anti-fascist war during WWII in 1941

This holiday is celebrated on 11 October. If 11 October falls on a weekend, a different day is usually proclaimed to observe the holiday.

The holiday is also known as "People’s Uprising Against Fascism Day" and in Macedonian, it is called 'Den na vostanieto'. This holiday marks an uprising against fascism during World War II.

History of Revolution Day

During the Second World War, Macedonia was part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, which was being occupied by Axis powers consisting of Bulgarian, German, Italian, and Albanian forces.

While there had been some sporadic resistance attacks on the Axis occupiers in early 1941, the resistance movement began to organise in earnest in late summer, with the creation of the Kumanovo and Prilep units of the People's Liberation Army of Macedonia.

On 11 October 1941, Armed insurgents from the Prilep unit attacked Axis occupied zones in the city of Prilep, notably a Bulgarian police station which was the local Axis-power headquarters. On the same night, the partisans in Kumanovo staged an uprising against the fascists.

The attacks continued after 11 October, increasing in effectiveness in 1943 when the Axis powers had been weakened by the defeat of Italy and the success of the Soviets. The resistance lasted until the end of the war in 1944.

The resistance movement against the fascists is seen as having been a key factor in the rise of communism in Yugoslavia, which resulted in an overwhelming victory for the communists in the elections of 1945, leading to the creation of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1946.

How is Macedonian Revolution Day celebrated?

This holiday is marked with formal ceremonies at which the prime minister and other notable dignitaries make speeches which acknowledge the importance of the uprising against fascism to Macedonian people.

Every year, on 11 October, the Macedonian Parliament announces awards for accomplishments in the areas of science, culture, art, and journalism.

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