Public Holidays in Kazakhstan in 2018

Kazakhstan List of national public holidays of Kazakhstan in 2018

Day Date Holiday Comments
Monday January 01 New Year's Day
Tuesday January 02 New Year's Holiday
Sunday January 07 Orthodox Christmas Day
Thursday March 08 Women's Day Weekday closest to International Women's Day
Friday March 09 Public Holiday Compensated by Saturday 3 March 2018
Wednesday March 21 Nauryz Persian New Year
Thursday March 22 Nauryz Holiday
Friday March 23 Nauryz Holiday
Monday April 30 Public Holiday Compensated by Saturday 28 April
Tuesday May 01 Kazakhstan People Solidarity Holiday Celebrates the unity of all people who live in Kazakhstan
Monday May 07 Defenders Day Defender of the Fatherland Day
Tuesday May 08 Public Holiday Compensated by Saturday 5 May
Wednesday May 09 Victory Day
Friday July 06 Capital City Day Astana city became the capital of Kazakhstan on 6 July 1994
Tuesday August 21 Kurban Ait Eid al-Adha
Thursday August 30 Constitution Day Celebrates the constitution of 30 August 1995
Friday August 31 Public Holiday Bridge holiday. Compensated by Saturday 25 August
Monday December 03 First President's Day (observed) The first national presidential election was held on 1 Dec 1991
Monday December 17 Kazakhstan Independence Day (observed) On 16 Dec 1991, Kazakhstan gained its independence from the Soviet Union
Tuesday December 18 Kazakhstan Independence Holiday Second day of Independence Day celebrations
Monday December 31 New Year's Eve Compensated by Saturday 29 December


National Holiday


  • If a national holiday falls on weekend (Saturday or Sunday), the holiday shall be observed on the following Monday.

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