Thanksgiving in Grenada

Grenada National Holiday in Grenada


When is Thanksgiving in Grenada?

How long until Thanksgiving?
This holiday next takes place in 154 Days.
Dates of Thanksgiving Holiday
Year Weekday Date
2020 Monday October 26th
2020 Sunday October 25th
2019 Friday October 25th
2018 Thursday October 25th
2017 Wednesday October 25th
1 Day
Marks the anniversary of the Caribbean and American military intervention in 1983

This holiday is always celebrated on 25 October.

It marks the anniversary of Caribbean and American military intervention in 1983. Banks, businesses and most shops are closed.

History of Thanksgiving in Grenada

Following the European expansion into the new world, Grenada had become a French colony and before being formally ceded to Britain by the Treaty of Paris in 1763.

Independence from the United Kingdom was granted on 7 February 1974. Eric Gairy became the first Prime Minister. Following Gairy's victory in the elections of 1976, opposition parties refused to accept the result, accusing the government of electoral fraud.

Gairy was deposed in a coup in 1979 by the left-wing People's Revolutionary Government (PRG). Its leader, Maurice Bishop, declared himself prime minister. In 1983, there was discontent from within the PRG who felt that under his leadership Grenada was not becoming socialist enough and on 19 October 1983, a coup backed by the Grenadian army took over control and put Bishop under house arrest. Large demonstrations took place following his arrest and he was freed from house arrest during one of the demonstrations. He was soon recaptured and was executed by firing squad.

The US and other nations in the region were incensed by the killing of Bishop and also feared the rise of another communist state like Cuba. Therefore on 25 October 1983, a coalition of Caribbean and US forces invaded Grenada in 'Operation Urgent Fury' to oust the government.

After taking control and instating an interim administration, the foreign troops left Grenada in December 1983 and elections to restore democratic rule to Grenada took place in December 1984.

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