The Ochi Day

Greece Cyprus National Holiday in Greece and Cyprus

Greece's Ancient Parthenon
Poster supporting Greece's entry into World War II

When is Ochi Day?

How long until The Ochi day?
This holiday next takes place in 249 Days.
Dates of The Ochi day
Year Weekday Date
2019 Monday October 28th
2018 Sunday October 28th
2017 Saturday October 28th
2016 Friday October 28th
2015 Wednesday October 28th
1 Day
Local Name
Celebration of Greece's refusal to yield to the powers of the Axis in 1940

This holiday is always celebrated on 28 October.

This public day may also be known as 'World War ΙΙ National Holiday'.

The day celebrates Greece's refusal to yield to the powers of the Axis in 1940.

History of Ochi Day

In October 1940, Benito Mussolini, the fascist dictator of Italy, backed by Germany, demanded to occupy Greece. General Ioannis Metaxas famously responded "Ochi!" - "No!" in Greek.

That "No!" brought Greece into the war on the side of the Allies. Indeed, for a period, Greece was Britain's only ally against Hitler.

Not only did Greece rebuke Mussolini's demands, they seized the offensive and drove the Italians back through most of Albania.

Had Metaxas not said "No!", its arguable that the Second World War may have lasted much longer. One theory is that had Greece surrendered without any resistance, it would have enabled Hitler to have invaded Russia in the spring, rather than his disastrous attempt to take it during winter.

How is Ochi Day celebrated?

The day is characterised by military parades and folk dances and Greek Orthodox churches hold special services.

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