Christmas Holidays 2018

An overview of which countries have holidays on the various days over the Christmas period

Christmas Eve Holiday (Monday 24 December 2018)

Country Holiday name
Argentina Argentina Public Holiday
Belarus Belarus Christmas Eve
Bulgaria Bulgaria Christmas Eve
Czech Republic Czech Republic Christmas Eve
Denmark Denmark Christmas Eve Day
El Salvador El Salvador Christmas Eve
Estonia Estonia Christmas Eve
Finland Finland Christmas Eve
Guatemala Guatemala Christmas Eve
Hungary Hungary Christmas Eve
Iceland Iceland Christmas Eve
India India Christmas Eve
Latvia Latvia Public Holiday
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Christmas Eve
Lithuania Lithuania Christmas Eve
Luxembourg Luxembourg Christmas Eve
Macau Macau Christmas Eve
Norway Norway Christmas Eve
Philippines Philippines Christmas Eve
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Christmas Eve
Slovakia Slovakia Christmas Eve
Sweden Sweden Christmas Eve
Venezuela Venezuela Christmas Eve

Christmas Day (Tuesday 25 December 2018)

Boxing Day/St. Stephens Day (Wednesday 26 December 2018)

Country Holiday Name
Australia Australia Boxing Day
Austria Austria St Stephens Day
Bahamas Bahamas Boxing Day
Barbados Barbados Boxing Day
Belize Belize Boxing Day
Bermuda Bermuda Boxing Day
Botswana Botswana Boxing Day
Bulgaria Bulgaria Second Day of Christmas
Canada Canada Boxing Day
Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Boxing Day
Croatia Croatia St Stephens Day
Cyprus Cyprus Boxing Day
Czech Republic Czech Republic St Stephens Day
Denmark Denmark Second Day of Christmas
Estonia Estonia Boxing Day
Fiji Fiji Boxing Day
Finland Finland Second Day of Christmas
France France St Stephens Day
Germany Germany St Stephens Day
Ghana Ghana Boxing Day
Gibraltar Gibraltar Boxing Day
Greece Greece Synaxis of the Mother of God
Grenada Grenada Boxing Day
Guernsey Guernsey Boxing Day
Hong Kong Hong Kong The first weekday after Christmas Day
Hungary Hungary Second Day of Christmas
Iceland Iceland St Stephens Day
India India Boxing Day
Ireland Ireland St Stephens Day
Isle of Man Isle of Man Boxing Day
Italy Italy St Stephens Day
Jamaica Jamaica Boxing Day
Jersey Jersey Boxing Day
Kenya Kenya Boxing Day
Latvia Latvia Second day of Christmas
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein St Stephens Day
Lithuania Lithuania Second day of Christmas
Luxembourg Luxembourg St Stephens Day
Macau Macau Christmas Eve Holiday
Malawi Malawi Boxing Day
Namibia Namibia Day of Goodwill
Netherlands Netherlands St Stephens Day
New Zealand New Zealand Boxing Day
Nigeria Nigeria Boxing Day
Norway Norway St. Stephen's Day
Philippines Philippines Second day of Christmas
Poland Poland St Stephens Day
Romania Romania Second day of Christmas
Rwanda Rwanda Boxing Day
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia Boxing Day
Slovakia Slovakia St Stephens Day
South Africa South Africa Day of Good Will
Spain Spain St Stephens Day
Sweden Sweden Second Day of Christmas
Switzerland Switzerland St Stephens Day
Tanzania Tanzania Boxing Day
Tonga Tonga Boxing Day
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Boxing Day
Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands Boxing Day
Uganda Uganda Boxing Day
United Kingdom United Kingdom Boxing Day
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Boxing Day

Christmas Holiday (Thursday 27 December 2018)

Country Holiday Name
Bulgaria Bulgaria Third Day of Christmas
Ireland Ireland Bank Holiday
Malawi Malawi Public holiday
Pakistan Pakistan Anniversary of Benazir Bhuttu's Death
Tonga Tonga Public holiday


National Holiday Regional Holiday Not a Public Holiday Government/Public Sector


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