Ethnicity Day

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When is Ethnicity Day?

How long until Ethnicity day?
This holiday next takes place in 65 Days.
Dates of Ethnicity day
Year Weekday Date
2020 Saturday October 17th
2019 Saturday October 19th
2018 Saturday October 20th
2017 Saturday October 21st
2016 Saturday October 15th
1 Day
day dedicated to the Estonian unique language and cultural identity

This public holiday is celebrated on the 3rd Saturday in October.

History of Ethnicity Day

In 2011, the Estonian Riigikogu (parliament) approved a law according to which ethnicity day will be celebrated on the third Saturday of October as national holiday, LETA/htuleht reports.

The initiators of the move say that the aim of the ethnicity day is to better inform the public of Estonians being a member of the Finno-Ugric nations, to value their origin, mother tongue and cultural heritage more.

This will be the day dedicated to the Estonian unique language and cultural identity, national culture and the day when Estonians think about other Finno-Ugric nations, introduce their languages and cultures and speak of their problems.

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