Public Holidays in Ecuador in 2017

Ecuador List of National Public holidays of Ecuador in 2017

Day Date Holiday Comments
Sunday January 01 New Years Day
Monday February 27 Carnival (1st Day) Compensated by Sat 13 February
Tuesday February 28 Carnival (2nd Day) Compensated by Sat 20 February
Friday April 14 Good Friday Friday before Easter Sunday
Sunday April 16 Easter Day
Monday May 01 Labour Day International observances began with the Haymarket Riot in Chicago
Wednesday May 24 Anniversary of the Battle of Pichincha Batalla del Pichincha
Monday July 24 Simon Bolivar Day The birthday of Simón Bolívar
Thursday August 10 Independence Day Primer Grito de Independencia
Monday October 09 Independence of Guayaquil
Thursday November 02 All Souls' Day Not a public holiday
Friday November 03 Independence of Cuenca
Wednesday December 06 Foundation of Quito Day
Monday December 25 Christmas Day


National Holiday Regional Holiday Not a Public Holiday

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