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Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier

When is Tiradentes Day?

How long until Tiradentes Day?
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Dates of Tiradentes Day
Year Weekday Date
2020 Tuesday
2019 Sunday
2018 Saturday
2017 Friday
2016 Thursday
1 Day
Local Name
Dia de Tiradentes
Commemorates the execution of Brazilian national hero Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier

This national holiday is celebrated annually on 21st April.

Tiradentes Day in Brazil commemorates the execution of Brazilian national hero Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier.

History of Tiradentes Day

Xavier was a Brazilian revolutionary who, as a founder of the Inconfidência Mineira movement, fought for Brazilian independence and freedom from Portuguese colonial power.

Xavier was a dentist by trade. This holiday gets its name from "tiradentes" meaning "tooth-puller", which was a nickname adopted during his trial.

At the time, Portugal was imposing onerous tax burdens on the Brazilian people, as they tried to maintain income from the colony despite declining levels of gold being mined.

Tiradentes hatched a plan to take to the streets and declare independence on a day when taxes were due. The plan was betrayed and the rebels were arrested in February 1789.

During the subsequent trail, Tiradentes took full responsibility for the insurrection plot and was executed by hanging on 21 April 1792. His body was quartered and his head put on public display in his hometown of Vila Rica as a warning to other revolutionaries.

His martyrdom led to Tiradentes becoming considered a national hero by the republicans of the 19th century, and his liberal ideas continued to influence Brazilian thinking until its independence, nearly 100 years after his death, in 1882.

How is Tiradentes Day celebrated?

The anniversary of his death (21st April) became a national holiday, after the republic was proclaimed in 1889. On Tiradentes day, government offices, schools and banks will be closed.

The site of Tiradentes' execution is now a square named after him. At the centre of the square is a bronze statue of Tiradentes (who faces away from the nearby official residence of the governor). On Tiradentes Day, government officials pay their respects to his contributions to the independence movement in Brazil.

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