Día de la Raza 2019

Argentina National Holiday in several countries in the Americas

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Country Known as 2019 Date
Argentina Argentina Day of respect for cultural diversity October 14th
Chile Chile Race Day Holiday October 14th
Colombia Colombia Columbus Day October 14th
Costa Rica Costa Rica Cultures National Day October 12th
Honduras Honduras Discovery of America Day October 2nd
Mexico Mexico Day of the Races October 12th
Uruguay Uruguay Day of the Races October 12th
Venezuela Venezuela Indigenous Resistance Day October 12th

The date of Columbus' arrival in the Americas is celebrated in Central and South America as the Día de la Raza ("day of the race"), commemorating the first encounters of Europe and Native Americans. It is a celebration of the diversity among native Americans and Europeans.

The day commemorates the date when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas. In the USA it is observed on the Second Monday in October.

Columbus' voyages across the Atlantic Ocean initiated the European exploration and colonization of the Americas.

While the first voyage in 1492 was immensely significant, Columbus did not actually reach the American mainland until his 3rd voyage in 1498. Instead, while trying to find a sea route to India, he made landfall on an island in the Bahamas that he named San Salvador He was also not the earliest European explorer to reach the Americas.

The day was first celebrated in Argentina in 1917, Venezuela in 1921, Chile in 1923, Colombia in 1921 and Mexico in 1928.


In Argentina, the holiday is now known as the Day of respect for cultural diversity. It is celebrated on 12 October. If the 12 October falls on certain days of the week, the public holiday will be moved. The change of name and move away from the traditional date may reflect that some indigenous communities may consider the arrival of Columbus and the Europeans as a negative event.


In Chile, the holiday is known as 'Día del Descubrimiento de Dos Mundos' and is celebrated on 12 October. The holiday may be moved depending on what day of the week it falls on.


Named after Christopher Columbus, this day has been a public holiday since 1921 and is known as 'El dia de Cristobal Colon'.


In Honduras, the day is known as 'Discovery of America' day. Read more.

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