Public Holidays in Albania in 2018

Albania Upcoming Holidays in Albania

Independence Day
Independence Day

28 November 2018 This National holiday is in 9 days. The day the Declaration of Independence was adopted by Ismail Qemali in 1912

Liberation Day
Liberation Day

29 November 2018 This National holiday is in 10 days. Marks Albania's liberation from Nazi Germany forces in 1944

National Youth Day
National Youth Day

8 December 2018 This National holiday is in 19 days. Commemorates student demonstrations in 1990 which led to the end of the People's R...

Albania List of national public holidays of Albania in 2018

Day Date Holiday Comments
Monday January 01 New Years Day
Tuesday January 02 Day after New Year's Day
Wednesday March 14 Summer Day
Thursday March 22 Nevruz Spring Festival. Persian New Year.
Sunday April 01 Easter (Catholic)
Sunday April 08 Orthodox Easter Day
Tuesday May 01 Labour Day International observances began with the Haymarket Riot in Chicago
Friday June 15 Eid Al Fitr End of Ramadan. Subject to change
Tuesday August 21 Eid Al-Adha
Wednesday September 05 Mother Teresa Day
Wednesday November 28 Independence Day
Thursday November 29 Liberation Day
Saturday December 08 National Youth Day
Tuesday December 25 Christmas Day


National Holiday


  • Holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday will be observed on the following Monday

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