Public Holidays in Afghanistan in 2018

Afghanistan Upcoming Holidays in Afghanistan

Mujahideen Victory Day
Mujahideen Victory Day

28 April 2018 This National holiday is in 36 days. Marks the day when Mujahideen forces overthrew Mohammad Najibullah's Democratic Republi...

International Workers' Day
International Workers' Day

1 May 2018 This National holiday is in 39 days. This holiday is most commonly associated as a commemoration of the achievements of the ...

Awal Ramdan
Awal Ramdan

16 May 2018 This National holiday is in 54 days. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. It is during this month that Muslims...

Afghanistan List of national public holidays of Afghanistan in 2018

Day Date Holiday Comments
Monday January 29 Public Holiday Kabul. To help in aftermath of bombing
Thursday February 15 Liberation Day
Wednesday February 28 Public Holiday Kabul. Due to launch of 'Kabul Process' gathering
Wednesday March 21 Nowrooz Afghan New Year
Thursday March 22 Nowrooz Holiday
Saturday April 28 Mujahideen Victory Day
Tuesday May 01 International Workers' Day
Wednesday May 16 Awal Ramdan
Friday June 15 Eid ul-Fitr End of Ramadan
Saturday June 16 Eid ul-Fitr Holiday
Sunday June 17 Eid ul-Fitr Holiday
Sunday August 19 Independence Day National Day
Monday August 20 Day of Arafa
Tuesday August 21 Eid al-Adha Feast of Scarifice
Wednesday August 22 Eid al-Adha Holiday
Thursday August 23 Eid al-Adha Holiday
Thursday September 20 Ashura 10th day of Muslim New Year
Tuesday November 20 Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad


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