Jul 2015

Public Holidays in August 2015

Sep 2015
USA Public Holidays  Diversity Month: American Indian Heritage Month
Barbados Barbados: Emancipation Day
Switzerland Switzerland: National Day
Costa Rica Costa Rica: Virgin of Los Angeles Day
Macedonia Macedonia: Republic Day
Australia Australia (regional): Picnic Day
Australia Australia (regional): Bank Holiday
Bahamas Bahamas: Emancipation Day
Barbados Barbados: Kadooment Day
Canada Canada (regional): Civic Day
El Salvador El Salvador (regional): Fiestas Patronales Holiday
Iceland Iceland: Commerce Day
Ireland Ireland: August Holiday
Macedonia Macedonia: Republic Day (Observed)
United Kingdom United Kingdom (regional): August Bank Holiday
Zambia Zambia: Farmers' Day


Croatia Croatia: Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day
El Salvador El Salvador (regional): Fiestas Patronales Holiday
Bolivia Bolivia: Independence Day
Egypt Egypt: Public Holiday
El Salvador El Salvador: Fiesta de San Salvador
Jamaica Jamaica: Independence Day 
Colombia Colombia: Battle of Boyacá
Singapore Singapore: Public Holiday
Taiwan Taiwan: Father's Day
Singapore Singapore: National Day
South Africa South Africa: National Women's Day
Ecuador Ecuador: Independence Day
Singapore Singapore: National Day Holiday
South Africa South Africa: Public Holiday
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe: Heroes' Day
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe: Defence Forces Day
Australia Australia (regional): Royal Queensland Show
Thailand Thailand: Mother's Day
Thailand Thailand: H.M. Queens Birthday
Tunisia Tunisia: Women's Day
Morocco Morocco: Oued Ed-Dahab Day
Pakistan Pakistan: Independence Day
South Korea South Korea: Liberation Day Holiday
Bangladesh Bangladesh: National Mourning Day
India India: Independence Day
Italy Italy: Ferragosto
Paraguay Paraguay: Founding of Asunción
South Korea South Korea: Liberation Day
Various Various: Assumption of Mary
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic: Restoration Day
Argentina Argentina: San Martins Day
Canada Canada (regional): Discovery Day
Colombia Colombia: Assumption of Mary Holiday
India India (regional): Teej
Indonesia Indonesia: Independence Day
Nigeria Nigeria (regional): Public Holiday
India India (regional): Parsi New Year
India India (regional): Public Holiday
Estonia Estonia: Independence Restoration Day
Hungary Hungary: Saint Stephen's Day
Morocco Morocco: Revolution Day
Hungary Hungary: Saint Stephens Day Holiday
Morocco Morocco: Youth Day
Philippines Philippines: Ninoy Aquino Day




Ukraine Ukraine: Independence Day
Uruguay Uruguay: Independence day


India India (regional): First Onam
India India (regional): Thiruvonam
India India (regional): Raksha Bandhan
Slovakia Slovakia: Slovak National Uprising anniversary
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka: Nikini Full Moon Poya
Peru Peru: Santa Rosa De Lima
Turkey Turkey: Victory Day
Gibraltar Gibraltar: Late Summer Bank Holiday
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan: Constitution Day (observed)
Malaysia Malaysia: National Day
Philippines Philippines: National Heroes Day
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago: Independence Day
United Kingdom United Kingdom (regional): August Bank Holiday

Public Holidays: August 2015

Day Date Country Holiday
Sat 1st Barbados Barbados Emancipation Day
Sat 1st Switzerland Switzerland National Day
Sun 2nd Macedonia Macedonia Republic Day
Sun 2nd Costa Rica Costa Rica Virgin of Los Angeles Day
Mon 3rd United Kingdom United Kingdom August Bank Holiday
Mon 3rd Ireland Ireland August Holiday
Mon 3rd Australia Australia Bank Holiday
Mon 3rd Canada Canada Civic Day
Mon 3rd Iceland Iceland Commerce Day
Mon 3rd Bahamas Bahamas Emancipation Day
Mon 3rd Zambia Zambia Farmers' Day
Mon 3rd El Salvador El Salvador Fiestas Patronales Holiday
Mon 3rd Barbados Barbados Kadooment Day
Mon 3rd Australia Australia Picnic Day
Mon 3rd Macedonia Macedonia Republic Day (Observed)
Wed 5th El Salvador El Salvador Fiestas Patronales Holiday
Wed 5th Croatia Croatia Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day
Thu 6th El Salvador El Salvador Fiesta de San Salvador
Thu 6th Bolivia Bolivia Independence Day
Thu 6th Jamaica Jamaica Independence Day 
Thu 6th Egypt Egypt Public Holiday
Fri 7th Colombia Colombia Battle of Boyacá
Fri 7th Singapore Singapore Public Holiday
Sat 8th Taiwan Taiwan Father's Day
Sun 9th Singapore Singapore National Day
Sun 9th South Africa South Africa National Women's Day
Mon 10th Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Heroes' Day
Mon 10th Ecuador Ecuador Independence Day
Mon 10th Singapore Singapore National Day Holiday
Mon 10th South Africa South Africa Public Holiday
Tue 11th Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day
Wed 12th Thailand Thailand H.M. Queens Birthday
Wed 12th Thailand Thailand Mother's Day
Wed 12th Australia Australia Royal Queensland Show
Thu 13th Tunisia Tunisia Women's Day
Fri 14th Pakistan Pakistan Independence Day
Fri 14th South Korea South Korea Liberation Day Holiday
Fri 14th Morocco Morocco Oued Ed-Dahab Day
Sat 15th Various Various Assumption of Mary
Sat 15th Italy Italy Ferragosto
Sat 15th Paraguay Paraguay Founding of Asunción
Sat 15th India India Independence Day
Sat 15th South Korea South Korea Liberation Day
Sat 15th Bangladesh Bangladesh National Mourning Day
Sun 16th Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Restoration Day
Mon 17th Colombia Colombia Assumption of Mary Holiday
Mon 17th Canada Canada Discovery Day
Mon 17th Indonesia Indonesia Independence Day
Mon 17th Nigeria Nigeria Public Holiday
Mon 17th Argentina Argentina San Martins Day
Mon 17th India India Teej
Tue 18th India India Parsi New Year
Wed 19th India India Public Holiday
Thu 20th Estonia Estonia Independence Restoration Day
Thu 20th Morocco Morocco Revolution Day
Thu 20th Hungary Hungary Saint Stephen's Day
Fri 21st Philippines Philippines Ninoy Aquino Day
Fri 21st Hungary Hungary Saint Stephens Day Holiday
Fri 21st Morocco Morocco Youth Day
Mon 24th Ukraine Ukraine Independence Day
Tue 25th Uruguay Uruguay Independence day
Thu 27th India India First Onam
Fri 28th India India Thiruvonam
Sat 29th Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Nikini Full Moon Poya
Sat 29th India India Raksha Bandhan
Sat 29th Slovakia Slovakia Slovak National Uprising anniversary
Sun 30th Peru Peru Santa Rosa De Lima
Sun 30th Turkey Turkey Victory Day
Mon 31st United Kingdom United Kingdom August Bank Holiday
Mon 31st Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Constitution Day (observed)
Mon 31st Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day
Mon 31st Gibraltar Gibraltar Late Summer Bank Holiday
Mon 31st Malaysia Malaysia National Day
Mon 31st Philippines Philippines National Heroes Day


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Originally called Sextilis by the Romans. In 8 BC it was renamed in honor of Augustus. It was chosen to honour his victories in this month.

The Anglo-Saxons called August "weod-monath" (weed month)