May 2014

Public Holidays in June 2014

Jul 2014
USA Public Holidays  Diversity Month: Gay and Lesbian Pride Month
China China: Dragon Boat Holiday
India India (regional): Guru Arjun Dev Martyrdom day
Kenya Kenya: Madaraka Day
Lithuania Lithuania: Father's Day
Malaysia Malaysia (regional): Gawai Dayak
Australia Australia (regional): Western Australia Day
Cambodia Cambodia: Children's Day (observed)
Colombia Colombia: Ascension Day
Ireland Ireland: June Holiday
Italy Italy: Republic Day
Kenya Kenya: Madaraka Day Holiday
Malaysia Malaysia (regional): Gawai Dayak
New Zealand New Zealand: Queen's Birthday
Various Various: Dragon Boat Festival
Venezuela Venezuela: Ascension Day Holiday


Israel Israel: Pentecost
South Korea South Korea: Local Elections Day
Denmark Denmark: Father's Day
Denmark Denmark: Constitution Day
South Korea South Korea: Memorial Day
Sweden Sweden: National Day
Malaysia Malaysia: Birthday of SPB Yang di Pertuan Agong
Malta Malta: Sette Giugno
Austria Austria: Father's Day
Belgium Belgium: Fathers Day 
Egypt Egypt: Public Holiday
Luxembourg Luxembourg: Mother's Day
Various Various: Pentecost Sunday
Australia Australia (regional): Queens Birthday
Spain Spain (regional): La Rioja
Spain Spain (regional): Day of Murcia
Various Various: Whitmonday
Various Various: Whit Monday
Various Various: Holy Spirit Monday
Portugal Portugal: Portugal Day


Philippines Philippines: Independence Day
Russia Russia: National Day
India India (regional): Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti
Portugal Portugal (regional): Feast of St Anthony
Russia Russia: Bank Holiday


Various Various: Father's Day
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan: National Salvation Day
South Africa South Africa: Youth Day
Iceland Iceland: Independence Day
Brazil Brazil (regional): Public Holiday
Cambodia Cambodia: Kings Mother Birthday
Uruguay Uruguay: Artigas' Birthday
Various Various: Corpus Christi
Argentina Argentina: National Flag Day
Finland Finland: Midsummer Eve
Sweden Sweden: Midsummer Eve
Bolivia Bolivia: Andean New Year
Finland Finland: Midsummer Day
Sweden Sweden: Midsummer Day 
Croatia Croatia: Anti-Fascist Struggle Day
Canada Canada (regional): Discovery Day
Colombia Colombia: Corpus Christi
Estonia Estonia: Victory Day
Latvia Latvia: Midsummer Eve
Luxembourg Luxembourg: National Day
Switzerland Switzerland (regional): Fête d'Indépendance
Venezuela Venezuela: Corpus Christi Holiday
Canada Canada (regional): The National Holiday of Quebec
Italy Italy (regional): The Patron Saint of Turin
Portugal Portugal (regional): Feast of St John the Baptist
Various Various: St. John' s Day
Brazil Brazil (regional): Public Holiday
Croatia Croatia: Statehood Day 
Slovenia Slovenia: Statehood Day
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan Armed Forces Day




Malaysia Malaysia (regional): Awal Ramadan
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates: Beginning of Ramadan
Various Various: Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
Brunei Brunei: Ramadan
Colombia Colombia: Sacred Heart
Colombia Colombia: Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
Ukraine Ukraine: Constitution Day

Public Holidays: June 2014

Day Date Country Holiday
Sun 1st China China Dragon Boat Holiday
Sun 1st Lithuania Lithuania Father's Day
Sun 1st Malaysia Malaysia Gawai Dayak
Sun 1st India India Guru Arjun Dev Martyrdom day
Sun 1st Kenya Kenya Madaraka Day
Mon 2nd Colombia Colombia Ascension Day
Mon 2nd Venezuela Venezuela Ascension Day Holiday
Mon 2nd Cambodia Cambodia Children's Day (observed)
Mon 2nd Various Various Dragon Boat Festival
Mon 2nd Malaysia Malaysia Gawai Dayak
Mon 2nd Ireland Ireland June Holiday
Mon 2nd Kenya Kenya Madaraka Day Holiday
Mon 2nd New Zealand New Zealand Queen's Birthday
Mon 2nd Italy Italy Republic Day
Mon 2nd Australia Australia Western Australia Day
Wed 4th South Korea South Korea Local Elections Day
Wed 4th Israel Israel Pentecost
Thu 5th Denmark Denmark Constitution Day
Thu 5th Denmark Denmark Father's Day
Fri 6th South Korea South Korea Memorial Day
Fri 6th Sweden Sweden National Day
Sat 7th Malaysia Malaysia Birthday of SPB Yang di Pertuan Agong
Sat 7th Malta Malta Sette Giugno
Sun 8th Austria Austria Father's Day
Sun 8th Belgium Belgium Fathers Day 
Sun 8th Luxembourg Luxembourg Mother's Day
Sun 8th Various Various Pentecost Sunday
Sun 8th Egypt Egypt Public Holiday
Mon 9th Spain Spain Day of Murcia
Mon 9th Various Various Holy Spirit Monday
Mon 9th Spain Spain La Rioja
Mon 9th Australia Australia Queens Birthday
Mon 9th Various Various Whit Monday
Mon 9th Various Various Whitmonday
Tue 10th Portugal Portugal Portugal Day
Thu 12th Philippines Philippines Independence Day
Thu 12th Russia Russia National Day
Fri 13th Russia Russia Bank Holiday
Fri 13th Portugal Portugal Feast of St Anthony
Fri 13th India India Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti
Sun 15th Various Various Father's Day
Mon 16th Azerbaijan Azerbaijan National Salvation Day
Mon 16th South Africa South Africa Youth Day
Tue 17th Iceland Iceland Independence Day
Wed 18th Cambodia Cambodia Kings Mother Birthday
Wed 18th Brazil Brazil Public Holiday
Thu 19th Uruguay Uruguay Artigas' Birthday
Thu 19th Various Various Corpus Christi
Fri 20th Finland Finland Midsummer Eve
Fri 20th Sweden Sweden Midsummer Eve
Fri 20th Argentina Argentina National Flag Day
Sat 21st Bolivia Bolivia Andean New Year
Sat 21st Finland Finland Midsummer Day
Sat 21st Sweden Sweden Midsummer Day 
Sun 22nd Croatia Croatia Anti-Fascist Struggle Day
Mon 23rd Colombia Colombia Corpus Christi
Mon 23rd Venezuela Venezuela Corpus Christi Holiday
Mon 23rd Canada Canada Discovery Day
Mon 23rd Switzerland Switzerland Fête d'Indépendance
Mon 23rd Latvia Latvia Midsummer Eve
Mon 23rd Luxembourg Luxembourg National Day
Mon 23rd Estonia Estonia Victory Day
Tue 24th Portugal Portugal Feast of St John the Baptist
Tue 24th Various Various St. John' s Day
Tue 24th Canada Canada The National Holiday of Quebec
Tue 24th Italy Italy The Patron Saint of Turin
Wed 25th Brazil Brazil Public Holiday
Wed 25th Slovenia Slovenia Statehood Day
Wed 25th Croatia Croatia Statehood Day 
Thu 26th Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Armed Forces Day
Sun 29th Malaysia Malaysia Awal Ramadan
Sun 29th United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Beginning of Ramadan
Sun 29th Various Various Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
Mon 30th Ukraine Ukraine Constitution Day
Mon 30th Colombia Colombia Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
Mon 30th Brunei Brunei Ramadan
Mon 30th Colombia Colombia Sacred Heart


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Regional Holiday
Not a Public Holiday
Government/Public Sector
Diversity Month


Probably the name is derived from the latin word 'iuvenis' which means young, but it is also linked to the goddess Juno who personifies young women.