Public Holidays: March 2012

Day Date Country Holiday
Thu 1st Spain Spain Balearic Day
Thu 1st South Korea South Korea March 1st Movement
Thu 1st United Kingdom United Kingdom St Davids Day
Mon 5th Australia Australia Labour Day
Wed 7th Thailand Thailand Makha Bucha Day
Thu 8th India India Holi
Thu 8th Israel Israel Purim
Thu 8th Russia Russia Womens Day
Fri 9th Russia Russia Bridge holiday
Sun 11th Lithuania Lithuania Restoration of Independence Day
Mon 12th Australia Australia Adelaide Cup
Mon 12th Australia Australia Canberra Day
Mon 12th Australia Australia Labour Day
Mon 12th New Zealand New Zealand Taranaki Anniversary Day
Thu 15th Hungary Hungary National Day
Sat 17th Ireland Ireland St Patricks Day
Sun 18th Ireland Ireland Mother's Day
Sun 18th United Kingdom United Kingdom Mothering Sunday
Mon 19th Mexico Mexico Benito Juarezs Birthday
Mon 19th Italy Italy Father's Day
Mon 19th Spain Spain St Josephs Day
Mon 19th Ireland Ireland St Patricks Day (observed)
Tue 20th Japan Japan Vernal Equinox Day
Wed 21st South Africa South Africa Human Rights Day
Fri 23rd Indonesia Indonesia Hari Raya Nyepi
Fri 23rd Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Day
Fri 23rd India India Ugadi
Sat 24th Argentina Argentina Truth and Justice Memorial Day
Sun 25th Greece Greece Independence Day
Mon 26th New Zealand New Zealand Otago Anniversary Day


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March gets its name from the Roman Martius, which was latin for Mars, the Greek god of war. Mars was also an agricultural deity, which may explain why such a warlike god was assigned to a month at the start of spring.