Public Holidays: September 2011

Day Date Country Holiday
Thu 1st Slovakia Slovakia Day of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic
Thu 1st Pakistan Pakistan Eid al-Fitr
Thu 1st Malaysia Malaysia Public Holiday
Thu 1st Turkey Turkey Ramadan Feast
Fri 2nd Spain Spain Ceuta
Fri 2nd Pakistan Pakistan Eid al-Fitr
Sat 3rd Pakistan Pakistan Eid al-Fitr
Sun 4th Australia Australia Father's Day
Mon 5th USA USA Labor Day
Mon 5th Canada Canada Labour Day
Wed 7th Brazil Brazil Independence Day
Thu 8th Spain Spain Asturias
Thu 8th Spain Spain Extremadura
Sun 11th Spain Spain Catalonia
Sun 11th South Korea South Korea Harvest Festival
Mon 12th South Korea South Korea Harvest Festival
Mon 12th China China Mid Autumn Festival
Tue 13th South Korea South Korea Harvest Festival
Tue 13th Hong Kong Hong Kong Late mid Autumn festival
Thu 15th Slovakia Slovakia Day of Our Lady of Sorrows
Fri 16th Mexico Mexico Independence Day
Fri 16th Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Day
Sun 18th Switzerland Switzerland Swiss Federal Fast
Mon 19th Switzerland Switzerland Jene genevois
Mon 19th Switzerland Switzerland Knabenschiessen
Mon 19th Japan Japan Respect for the Aged Day
Fri 23rd Japan Japan Autumnal Equinox Day
Sat 24th South Africa South Africa Heritage Day
Mon 26th New Zealand New Zealand South Canterbury Day
Tue 27th Belgium Belgium French Community Holiday
Wed 28th Czech Republic Czech Republic St Wenceslas Day
Thu 29th Israel Israel Rosh Hashana
Fri 30th Israel Israel Rosh Hashana


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Regional Holiday
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Diversity Month


Used to be the seventh month of the year and in Latin, septem means 'seven'.

Until Julius Caesar's calendar reform of 45BC, September had only 29 days.

The Anglo-Saxons called September Gerst Monath (Barley Month) or Haefest Monath (Harvest Month) celebrating the barley harvest.

Key holidays in September are Labor Day, Mid Autumn Festival and Autumnal Equinox Day.