Public Holidays: August 2011

Day Date Country Holiday
Mon 1st United Kingdom United Kingdom August Bank Holiday
Mon 1st Ireland Ireland August Holiday
Mon 1st Canada Canada Civic Day
Mon 1st Switzerland Switzerland National Day
Mon 1st Australia Australia Picnic Day
Tue 9th Singapore Singapore National Day
Tue 9th South Africa South Africa National Women's Day
Fri 12th Thailand Thailand H.M. Queens Birthday
Fri 12th Thailand Thailand Mother's Day
Sun 14th Pakistan Pakistan Independence Day
Mon 15th Various Various Assumption of Mary
Mon 15th Canada Canada Discovery Day
Mon 15th Italy Italy Ferragosto
Mon 15th India India Independence Day
Mon 15th South Korea South Korea Liberation Day
Mon 15th Argentina Argentina San Martins Day
Wed 17th Indonesia Indonesia Independence Day
Fri 19th India India Parsi New Year
Sat 20th Estonia Estonia Independence Restoration Day
Sat 20th Hungary Hungary Saint Stephens Day
Mon 22nd India India Janmashtami
Sat 27th Singapore Singapore Polling Day
Mon 29th United Kingdom United Kingdom August Bank Holiday
Mon 29th Slovakia Slovakia Slovak National Uprising anniversary
Tue 30th Various Various Eid al-Fitr
Tue 30th India India Idu'l Fitr
Tue 30th Turkey Turkey Ramadan Feast
Tue 30th Turkey Turkey Victory Day
Wed 31st Pakistan Pakistan Eid al-Fitr
Wed 31st Various Various Eid al-Fitr Holiday
Wed 31st Malaysia Malaysia National Day
Wed 31st Turkey Turkey Ramadan Feast


Public Holiday
Regional Holiday
Not a Public Holiday
Diversity Month


Originally called Sextilis by the Romans. In 8 BC it was renamed in honor of Augustus. It was chosen to honour his victories in this month.

The Anglo-Saxons called August "weod-monath" (weed month)