Public Holidays: May 2009

Day Date Country Holiday
Fri 1st Various Various May Day
Sat 2nd India India Buddha Purnima
Sat 2nd South Korea South Korea Buddhas Birthday
Sat 2nd Spain Spain Madrid
Sat 2nd Various Various The Buddhas Birthday
Sun 3rd Japan Japan Constitution Memorial Day
Mon 4th United Kingdom United Kingdom Early May Bank Holiday
Mon 4th Japan Japan Greenery Day
Mon 4th Ireland Ireland May Bank Holiday
Tue 5th Japan Japan Childrens Day
Tue 5th Mexico Mexico Cinco de Mayo
Fri 8th Slovakia Slovakia Day of victory over fascism
Fri 8th Denmark Denmark General Prayer Day
Fri 8th Israel Israel Independence Day
Fri 8th France France V-E Day
Sat 9th Various Various The Buddhas Birthday
Sun 10th New Zealand New Zealand Mother's Day
Mon 11th Russia Russia Victory Day
Sun 17th Norway Norway Constitution Day
Mon 18th Canada Canada Victoria Day
Thu 21st Various Various Ascension Day
Mon 25th United Kingdom United Kingdom May Bank Holiday
Mon 25th Argentina Argentina May Day Revolution
Mon 25th USA USA Memorial Day
Thu 28th China China Dragon Boat Festival
Fri 29th Israel Israel Pentecost
Sun 31st Spain Spain Canary Islands
Sun 31st Spain Spain Castilla-La Mancha


Public Holiday
Regional Holiday
Not a Public Holiday
Diversity Month


May was named for the Greek goddess Maia, who was identified with the Roman era goddess of fertility