2015: United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates National public holidays of United Arab Emirates in 2015

Thursday January 01 New Years Day
Saturday January 03 Birthday of Prophet Muhammad
Saturday May 16 Israa & Miaraj Night Ascension of the Prophet
Saturday July 18 Eid Al Fitr
Sunday July 19 Eid Al Fitr
Monday July 20 Eid Al Fitr
Thursday September 24 Arafat (Haj) Day Arafat Day or Day of Arafa is the second day of the Haj
Friday September 25 Eid Al Adha Date varies on Lunar cycle
Saturday September 26 Eid Al Adha Holiday Date varies on Lunar cycle
Sunday September 27 Eid Al Adha Holiday Public sector only
Thursday October 15 Hijri New Years Day Islamic New Year
Wednesday December 02 UAE National Day
Thursday December 03 UAE National Day Holiday Public sector only
Thursday December 24 Birthday of Prophet Muhammad Second time in 2015 due to Lunar cycles


National Holiday
Government/Public Sector

Other Years


  • Islamic holiday exact dates are subject to moon sightings and may differ from the date given
  • in UAE, the weekend is Friday and Saturday
  • Public sector workers receive more public holidays than the private sector


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