Independence Movement Day

South Korea National Holiday in South Korea

Celebrated on March 1.

South KoreaLocally called 'Samil Jeol', Independence Movement day commemorates a nation-wide independence movement which took place in 1919 in protest against colonisation by Japan.

Ithe Protestors demonstrated against the Japanese occupation (Samil means "three-one," signifying third month, first day) which occurred in 1910, depriving Koreans of many freedoms.

the March 1 movement was a turning point; an estimated 2 million people took to the streets in peaceful demonstrations and a Declaration of Independence was read at a rally in Seoul.

The demonstrations met with thousands of arrests, close to 23,000 Koreans being killed or wounded.

Independence leaders formed a provisional government abroad.

The Day is marked by the reading of the 1919 Declaration of Independence at Pagoda Park in Seoul.

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