Buddha's Birthday

South Korea National Holiday in several countries in South-East Asia

Buddha's Birthday

When is Buddhas Birthday?

Year Weekday Date
2018 Tuesday May 22nd
2017 Wednesday May 3rd
2016 Saturday May 14th
2015 Monday May 25th
2014 Tuesday May 6th
2013 Friday May 17th
Who observes Buddha's Birthday on this day?
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Macau Macau
South Korea South Korea

Lantern parades are held for Buddha's Birthday, celebrated in late April or early May.

In Seoul, there is an evening parade from Tapgol Park to Jogyesa on the Sunday prior to the actual holiday.

Shakyamuni Buddha, the historical founder of Buddhism, was born in India 3,000 years ago.

There are various opinions concerning the exact dates of his birth and death, but according to Buddhist tradition, he is said to have been born April 8, 1029 BC and died on February 15, 949 BC, although other Buddhist scholars place his birth five hundred years later.

Shakyamuni Buddha was the son of the king of the Shakyas, a small tribe whose kingdom was located at the foothills of the Himalayas, south of what is now central Nepal, fifteen miles from Kapilavastu. Shakya of Shakyamuni is taken from the name of this tribe and muni means sage or saint. His family name was Gautama (Best Cow) and his given name was Siddhartha (Goal Achieved) though some scholars say this is a title bestowed on him by later Buddhists in honour of the enlightenment he attained.

Even though many Buddhists observe Buddha's historical birth on April 8, the exact date remains in question. Although modern archeological and historical research confirms that Prince Siddartha Gotama lived around this time.

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