2011: Netherlands

Netherlands National public holidays of Netherlands in 2011

Saturday January 01 New Years Day
Friday April 22 Good Friday Friday before Easter Sunday
Monday April 25 Easter Monday Monday after Easter Sunday
Saturday April 30 Queens Birthday Koniginnendag
Wednesday May 04 National Remembrance Day
Thursday June 02 Ascension Day 40 days after Easter
Monday June 13 Whitmonday 7th Monday after Easter. Also Known as Pentecost Monday
Sunday December 25 Christmas Day Eerste Kerstdag
Monday December 26 St Stephens Day Tweede Kerstdag. Celebrated on 26th December. Typically it will be moved and celebrated on the next weekday if 26 December is a Saturday or Sunday


National Holiday


  • The Netherlands has two World War II Remembrance Days. Neither are annual official holidays, though some establishments may close.
  • May 4th: honors all those who died in the war, and is similar to Remembrance Day and Veteran's Day.
  • May 5th: Liberation day is a national holiday once every 5 years (next in 2015). The day commemorates the defeat of German forces in 1945. It may be celebrated every year, but since 2000, it is an official holiday only once every 5 years.

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