May Day Holidays 2016

An overview of which countries have holidays on the days after 1 May 2016

Labour day

Many countries around the world celebrate May Day (International Worker's Day) on 1st May.

In 2016, 1 May falls on a Sunday, so some countries will instead observe a public holiday on Monday 2 May. Some countries also have a second day of holidays for May Day and this may be moved to Tuesday 3 May.

The picture is further complicated as Orthodox Easter Monday falls on Monday 2 May 2016, meaning some countries would lose a holiday with both May Day and Easter Monday falling on the same day.

The following list shows you which countries have public holidays on Monday 2 May and Tuesday 3 may.

Monday 2 May 2016

Country Holiday name
Albania Albania Labour Day (observed)
Barbados Barbados May Day
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Labor Day (2nd Day)
Burundi Burundi Labour Day Holiday
China China Labour Day Holiday
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Labor Day
Ghana Ghana May Day (observed)
Gibraltar Gibraltar May Day (observed)
Hong Kong Hong Kong Labour Day Holiday
Ireland Ireland May Bank Holiday
Isle of Man Isle of Man Early May Bank Holiday
Lao Lao International Labor Day Holiday
Macedonia Macedonia Labour Day Holiday
Malaysia Malaysia Labour Day (observed)
Montenegro Montenegro Labor Day (2nd Day)
Mozambique Mozambique Worker's Day Holiday
Nigeria Nigeria Workers' Day Holiday
Panama Panama Labor Day Holiday
Rwanda Rwanda Workers Day Holiday
Serbia Serbia Labour Day Holiday
Singapore Singapore Labour Day (observed)
Slovenia Slovenia May Day Holiday
South Africa South Africa Public Holiday
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Special Bank Holiday
Thailand Thailand Labour Day (observed)
Ukraine Ukraine Labour Day Holiday
United Kingdom United Kingdom Early May Bank Holiday
Zambia Zambia Labour Day Holiday

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Country Holiday Name
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Labor Day Holiday
Montenegro Montenegro Labor Day (3rd Day)
Ukraine Ukraine Labour Day Holiday
Vietnam Vietnam International Labor Day Holiday

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