Public Holidays in Azerbaijan in 2019

Azerbaijan List of national public holidays of Azerbaijan in 2019

Day Date Holiday Comments
Tuesday January 01 Jan 1 New Year's Day Yeni il
Monday January 21 Jan 21 Martyrs Day Holiday Commemorates Black January (1990) when Soviet troops entered Baku and killed more than 130 civilians
Friday March 08 Mar 8 Women's Day Weekday closest to International Women's Day
Wednesday March 20 Mar 20 Novruz Spring Festival. Persian New Year.
Thursday March 21 Mar 21 Novruz Holiday Spring Festival. Persian New Year.
Friday March 22 Mar 22 Novruz Holiday Spring Festival. Persian New Year.
Monday March 25 Mar 25 Novruz Holiday Probable holiday
Tuesday March 26 Mar 26 Novruz Holiday Probable holiday
Thursday May 09 May 9 Victory Day Celebrates victory over Nazi Germany and the end of the Second World War
Tuesday May 28 May 28 Republic Day Founding of Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (1918).
Wednesday June 05 Jun 5 Ramazan Bayrami Eid Al-Fitr
Thursday June 06 Jun 6 Ramazan Bayrami Holiday Eid Al-Fitr
Monday June 17 Jun 17 National Salvation Day Holiday 15 June or following Monday
Wednesday June 26 Jun 26 Azerbaijan Armed Forces Day In 1918 a Muslim Corps was renamed to Detached Corps of Azerbaijan with the establishment of the Azerbaijan Republic
Monday August 12 Aug 12 Gurban Bayrami Festival of Sacrifice
Tuesday August 13 Aug 13 Gurban Bayrami Holiday Festival of Sacrifice
Friday October 18 Oct 18 Independence Day Adoption of the declaration of independence on 18 Oct 1991
Monday November 11 Nov 11 Flag Day Holiday The Azerbijani flag was first adopted on 9 Nov 1918
Tuesday December 31 Dec 31 World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day Celebrated since 1991


National Holiday


  • Holidays that fall on the weekend will be observed on the following Monday

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